A Temporary Refuge - Hardcover

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As featured in the documentary, DamNation (Patagonia, 2014) 

Lee Spencer was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1950 and was raised in Minnesota. After being awarded a master's in anthropology in 1978 by the University or Oregon, he worked as a field archeologist for more than twenty years, mostly in the desert west and often excavating dry rock shelters. He has cast flies for steelhead on his river of choice, the North Umpqua, for the last thirty-five years and, in 19999, with his good dog, Sis, he began volunteering with The North Umpqua Foundation at Big Bend Pool.

"A Temporary Refuge is an incandescent work of natural history, an Oregon cultural treasure, and a sanctuary for aching hearts in a dark time." - David James Duncan, author of The River Why and My Story as Told by Water